If you are unfamiliar with our company, please scroll down to read more about our  products and service offerings, the marketing platform you get included with every order at no extra charge as well as all the benefits to you.

Our Products and Services

  • Stunning HD Still Photography - add on a twilight shoot for that "special listing" or some virtually staged photos​ when your listing is empty
    Prices start at $175


  • 3DVR Matterport Tours - add on a schematic floor plan to your order
    Prices start at $220

  • Drone Photography and Videography - you get still photos and a short video fly around of the subject property
    Prices start at $100

  • Private Photo Shoots in our studio or location of your choice for great headshots, etc...
    Call for pricing...

** Discounted pricing is offered when you select multiple products **

** A free Headshot or a 10% discount on your first order! **

** Discounts for referrals **



High Definition Photo Processing

The best looking photos in the business

Every photo we take are processed in our studio using High Definition software which combines years of research and industry knowledge resulting in beautiful, stunning, clear, crisp, space accurate coloring.  Each pictures is worked on by a person, not automation.

When we are finished processing your order, we send you an email that includes links to your photos, videos, 3DVR Matterport tour, etc. no login required. You can download your files individually or you can get a ZIP file copied right to your computer.  And you get to select your photos at full resolution or perfectly sized for the MLS or both.  It's your choice.

The stats on using HD Photography in the Real Estate Industry are staggering. REALTORS® that use our service showcase their listings more successfully and differentiate themselves from others in the industry.

Prices start at $175


Nothing shows off your property's beauty and allure as a series of photos, taken at dusk just as the sun has set and the sky turns dark. The camera and our HD process reveals what the naked eye cannot. We can pull beautiful colors of the home, sky, architectural lighting and illuminate the inside of the home to make your perspective buyers feel like they're sitting in the yard imagining themselves sitting and enjoying the night air in their new home.

Prices start at $250


Virtual Staging

Take any picture of an empty room and turn it into the lived in space you want your perspective buyers to see. Virtually staged photographs increase the marketability of listings and rentals. We offer next business day turnaround in most cases, amazing quality, We can stage homes, outdoor spaces and even commercial offices. Say goodbye to marketing properties with stale, vacant photos. 


Traditional staging can be a hassle for everyone involved. It’s expensive, time consuming and isn’t always an option for every vacant listing or space. Online photos of vacant properties do not attract buyers or renters.

Prices start at $100


The 3DVR Matterport®Tour

The future of Property Marketing at your service

3DVR tours which we call your "24 Hour Open House", are truly the future in real estate marketing. Perspective buyers literally can drive through the listing on their computer or tablet device and can see the property in great detail. This can save you time in showing your listings by filtering out those "time wasters".  When you receive a call for an in-person showing, you know that is a hot lead and in many instances, those perspective buyers have made up their minds already. These 3D tours also reduce traffic in homes during the Pandemic period; a selling point you can make to your clients.They are easily added to the MLS, Social Media or other platforms.  We can also add "tags" to the model that call out features of the home you want to advertise.

Prices start at $220


Schematic Floor Plans

A "must have" add-on to your Matterport® 3D tour

These floor plans come "with extremely accurate dimensions" included. They are great to add as property images to MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, etc. and to show sellers that you take their listing seriously and show buyers the full layout of the house. Order your 3D Tour and get the Schematic Floor Plan add-on now!

Prices start at $100


Drone Photography

Aerial photos and videos; that "special treatment"

Want to really show off that beautiful home or estate?  Here is just the way to do it, with a set of aerial still photos taken from one of our drones. Or better than that, add a video shot from around the home from different angles.

For an additional charge, a custom video can be produced combined with your other photos with an "intro" personalized to show your brand as well as an "outro" displayed at the end of your video. Ask for more details and pricing...

Prices starting at $100


Branded and Unbranded Videos

Included with every still photography order

We automatically create customized videos of the pictures taken from your still photo shoot. This feature comes as part of your order at "no extra charge". Your videos are viewable either as an embedded link on your web site or on social media platforms, on Youtube or you can download them to your computer or tablet for future use. This is included at "no extra charge" with every order with other great features such as property web sites, just listed just sold fliers and open house templates.  Keep on reading to learn more. 

Social Media "Tiles" and Flyers

We automatically provide you with a variety of templates to choose from for posting to Social Media and for making just listed, just sold, open house and all the other flyers you would want and need, all ready for printing, making it easier than ever to look "your best" in the "Social Sphere".  And, if you have an account with ExpressDocs, you can import your listing photos, flyers and postcards using our integrated hub and have them printed for you. No more downloading and re-uploading.

YouTube Videos

When you purchase one of our service offerings, the social media videos we created for you as part of our service offering will be automatically uploaded to YouTube so your video marketing will stay current and fresh. This works for your channel or whole office channels - or both at once. Videos are even automatically updated when information on the listing changes!  All for no additional charge to you..

Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 4.29.40 PM.png

Property Listing Website

Active until the property is sold or your listing expires

You probably already have a website to advertise your listings but we provide you with an individual property specific website each time you book an order with us.  You're able to select different styles for your sites, optionally add music from a selection of over 100 tunes and colors and you can choose a "property specific domain name" for each property site.  You can embed the links to these sites wherever you want and they are customized and specific to your needs.  You can show all of your property sites from your active listings you shot with us on your own web page; game changer. You also get weekly traffic reports to see what marketing channels are working for you. By sending this information to your seller, you will keep everyone in the loop and happy with your progress.


Purchase History Reports

At tax time, you no longer have to "ask" for a copy of all the business you did with our company throughout the year.  We save you time and effort by retaining all the information and providing you with reports of all your product/server purchases. Just login to your account and you can easily access this in your private portal, quick and easy, just for you!